At Helix Candles we are always concerned about safety. Our luminaries are not regular candles with a burning wick, but they are made of wax so safety precautions must be taken when using them. Always follow the instructions provided below to eliminate the risk of fire and injury, and of inadvertent melting of the luminaries due to excess heat.

1) Types of Light sources for Luminaries are: votive candles in a glass container, pillars,fuel cells or oil cartridges, rechargeable LEDs or battery LED lights.


2) For the brightest glow we recommend a fuel cell WITHOUT a raised wick. DO NOT raise the wick to obtain a brighter flame from oil cartridges.  It will damage the luminaries making them dark. Also raising the wick will reduce the oil cartridge’s burning time.


3) For 3” and 4“ inch diameter luminaries only use fuel cells, tea lights or LED lights. Do not use votive candles or fuel cells with raised wicks; their excessive heat will melt the inner walls.


4) Always place the light source in the center of the luminary. Do not place the flame too close to the walls because the heat will cause the wax to melt.


5) When using a votive candle in a glass container place the votive glass on top of a cork pad to prevent the hot glass from melting the bottom wax.

6) To make the glow appear in the upper portion of a tall luminary, place the light source on top of an inverted small glass cup inside the luminary or use a 29 hour burning fuel cell.


7) Make your luminary brighter by placing 2 or 3 votive candles, oil cartridges or LEDs in each luminary. However, NEVER do this in luminaries with diameters or sides 6” or smaller.


8) Allow the luminaries to cool down before handling them. Do not pickup the wax luminary from the top edge when it is warm to the touch. Pickup the luminary from the bottom if the luminary is still warm.


9) To remove dirt from wax luminaries use a towel and very hot water to wipe off. Always use appropriate gloves when using hot water.

10) DO NOT place luminaries under or near any flammable materials such as drapes, curtains, streamers or any paper decorations.

11) DO NOT place luminaries in ambients with temperature above 90 degrees to avoid softening, distorting or melting the wax. The wax luminary will soften and become distorted or melted.

12) DO NOT place luminaries in a cooler or freezer. The wax will become brittle and crack or break.

13) To avoid soot build-up we highly recommend using high quality candles or votive candles from Helix Candles as they are only made of high quality paraffin wax. Some Imported votive candles tend to be of lower quality and prone to produce soot build-up inside the luminary.