Spiral Melt

The most unique candle package!


Spiral Melt as Gifts

No matter the occasion, we have the perfect gift! Not only is it practical, it will wow anyone who receives it.

The Spiral Melt candle, designed by Helix Candles founder and owner Catalina Navarro, is two gifts in one. The hollow candle is perfect for holding personal gifts like candy, soaps, jewelry, wine, bath beads, potpourri, scarves, lingerie, or any other small item you can think of. Once the gift is removed, the outside becomes a candle that burns down in a truly unique spiral pattern.

See how it works here!

With no packaging to throw away, the Spiral Melt is both eco-friendly and beautiful.

Try Spiral Melt as a wedding favour, teacher’s gift, hostess gift, or giveaway at your next corporate event. It is also ideal for “wrapping” personal gifts to family and friends for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any other special occasion.

Spiral Melt as Packaging

Planning a giveaway or thank-you gift? Why not try a completely new, eco-friendly package? Elegant and practical, Spiral Melt candle packaging offers an attractive package for corporate gifts and party favours, but creates no waste.

Spiral Melt is a patent pending package that becomes a spiral candle after its contents are removed. The hollow candle is made of paraffin or beeswax. It can be custom-made in a variety of sizes to hold anything from chocolates, soaps and bath beads to wine bottles and scarves. (A minimum order is required for custom packages.)

Once the gift is removed, the “package” can be burned away, providing hours of enjoyment in its second life as a candle.
There are infinite possibilities for business marketing with Spiral Melt candle packaging. Add value to your existing product line by incorporating Spiral Melt packaging. Click here to view our Spiral Melt Gallery. Talk to our professional designers about turning your idea into a truly special experience for your clients.

We can package any number of items and include special details, like seals to preserve the freshness of chocolates or candies. We are also building alliances with brand names to meet your needs at affordable prices.


Helix Candles is home to Spiral Melt candle packages, a patented system that transforms from gift package to candle. No more wrapping paper to throw away! Environmentally-friendly Spiral Melt candle packaging simply melts away after the gift is received.

As a finishing touch, give your guests a memorable parting gift. Try our award-winning Spiral Melt candle, the only candle of its kind on the market today. The Spiral Melt is two gifts in one—the hollow candle holds a gift, and, when emptied it can be burned. You’ve never seen anything like it!

Spiral Melt as Packaging

Initially designed to serve two purposes—gift package and candle—the Spiral Melt has proven to be a success as a candle alone, thanks to its innovative spiral burn pattern. Not only functional, it is also a conversation piece in its own right!

You can fill Spiral Melt candles to create interesting décor pieces for your home. Add potpourri or dried flowers before you burn the candle, or simply place it in a corner as an accent. It suits any room, including bathrooms and living spaces. Spiral Melt is a different type of candle that you can enjoy, fill, burn, and decorate.

Spiral Melt also has quite an impact as a gift. Bring one along as a hostess gift or share it as a unique thank-you. The recipient of this elegant gift will not soon forget it!

Spiral Melt Candles are ideal for any occasion—birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and corporate events, just to name a few. They are available in a selection of colours, shapes, and sizes to suit any kind of celebration.