We offer 10 to 36 hour Fuel Cells

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Fuel Cells, Oil Lamps or Oil Cartridges


Fuel cells provide a safe, clean lighting option for our Helix Candle luminaries.

Fuel cells are “smokeless,” disposable oil lamp fuel cartridges that use highly refined liquid paraffin fuel. Also known as oil lamps or liquid paraffin or candle lamps, fuel cells burn longer and more efficiently than traditional candles—from 8 to 90 hours, depending on their size.

Fuel cells are transparent, colourless, odourless and tasteless, and have a plastic casing to prevent heating of the bottom of the luminary. When you use these oil cartridges or fuel cells there is no need for our cork pads to protect the bottom for the luminary from heating up and melting. Because they do not melt or have an exposed flame like a candle, we recommend fuel cells to illuminate luminaries in restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, spas or special events.

Oil lamps from 10 to 36 burning hours