At Helix Candle we want to invite everyone to our site. We are a new online store here in Toronto, selling wholesale to all Canada and the US. Some of our main products are luminaries. We sell or rent wax luminaries to wedding planners, event coordinators, florists, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, spas, interior decorators, stagers, and everyone that is simply fascinated with candles. If you are looking for a WOW factor these unique and stylish Candle luminary options are ideal for your decor.

Helix Candles provides unique and attractive candle lighting solutions, custom-designed to suit your décor while creating the atmosphere you desire. Our luminaries come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to match any design aesthetic. Let us transform your wedding or corporate event with distinctive lighting that creates exactly the right impression. Add romance and intimacy to a wedding, and sophistication and elegance to any business event. When clients enter a spa or hotel, they expect a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The diffuse light and warm glow of Helix candles and luminaries makes them the ideal lighting solution for hotel and spa environments. To succeed in generating “buzz,” a restaurant or nightclub needs the right atmosphere.  Helix Candles luminaries offer style and sophistication while enveloping a space in a soft and welcoming light that encourages customers to linger. Add a touch of elegance to the interior and exterior areas of your home with Helix candle luminaries. The minimalist beauty of our luminary lighting solution is ideal for any room in your home, as well as fireplaces, patios, gazebos, and backyards. Our luminaries create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making them an excellent lighting choice when staging a home for sale. Make your floral creations stand out from the competition. Add sophisticated lighting that enhances the beauty of your floral arrangements.