Hotels & Spas

Helix Candle Luminaries for Decorating Spas and Hotels

Helix Candle Luminaries are a safe and eco-friendly alternative way to light up your Spa or Hotel. Instead of lighting up your wax luminary with an open flame or a fuel cell (oil lamp) you can use our flameless candle luminaries with our rechargeable LED lights as the light source.

If you are concerned about risks of fire or injury, or your insurance safety codes are strong? Our luminaries are handmade with a high melting point wax so they provide the perfect candle glow you are looking for.

Your Spa or Hotel will always glow gorgeous while you save thousands every year. Recharge your LED tea-lights for up to 5 years.

When clients enter a spa or hotel, they expect a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The diffuse light and warm glow of Helix candles and luminaries makes them the ideal lighting solution for hotel and spa environments.

Because we design and manufacture our candles and luminaries ourselves, we can custom-design luminary/candle lighting solutions that suit any décor and mood. Add equilibrium with forms, colours and scents that transform and restore inner balance. Use a variety of shapes and sizes, from small votives to oversize candles and luminary towers, to bring the right amount of candle light into the space of your Spa or Hotel.

With Helix candle luminaries as your candle light source, you will create a memorable and positive first impression.

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