Helix Candle Luminaries for Florists and Flower Decorations

Now florist can create new and unique floral designs combining them with our Helix candle/luminaries.

Apply your creative talents as a florist to dream up new and interesting floral designs that incorporate the soft glow of our candle/ luminaries. Arrange flowers around a selection of luminaries to create unique centerpieces. Use tall cylinders and rectangle luminaries as lovely, glowing vases. Or add flowers to the luminaries that glow along the path of a beautiful wedding aisle. There is no limit to the possibilities!

Toronto and area florists can now add unique design statements to floral arrangements with Helix candle luminaries.

Because our luminaries are handmade in Toronto, we can customize them to match your accent colours. And there are no worries over safety—we offer a range of lighting options, including candles, LED lights and rechargeable and color submersible LED lights.

Ask us for a catalogue that will inspire you or consult our gallery for ideas!