We provide candle lighting rental solutions to suit your décor while creating the atmosphere you desire.


Designed to suit your décor while creating the atmosphere you desire!


Create a warm and inviting environment.


Our Helix Candle luminary lighting adds sophistication and warmth to a space.

Helix Candles, Luminaries, Decorating Solutions

Helix Candles provides unique and attractive party and event candle lighting rental solutions, custom-designed to suit your décor while creating the atmosphere you desire for your corporate event, party or wedding, club, restaurant, hotel, spa, or even your home. Handmade in Toronto, our candles and luminaries come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours to match any design aesthetic. We rent and sell wholesale candles and Luminaries to wedding and event planners, florists, hotels, spas, restaurants, night clubs, home stagers, and interior designers.

Candle and luminary lighting adds sophistication and warmth to a space, making it the preferred choice of many decorators. With Helix Candles and luminaries, you can add the ambience of candlelight with tea light, votive and pillar candles, or wax luminaries (hollow shades or lanterns), which can be lit with traditional tea lights or votives, fuel cells, or rechargeable or battery-operated LED lights. Our luminaries are available for purchase or rent for your next event. Our expert design team can assist you in choosing the luminaries and candle lighting that best suits your occasion and venue.

As a finishing touch, give your guests a memorable parting gift. Try our award-winning Spiral Melt candle, the only candle of its kind on the market today. The Spiral Melt is two gifts in one—the hollow candle holds a gift, and, when emptied it can be burned. You’ve never seen anything like it! Read more.

Helix Candle Luminaries for Wedding and Corporate events

Are you looking for gorgeous candles for weddings? Let us transform your wedding or corporate event with distinctive luminary and candle lighting that creates exactly the right impression. Rent our candle luminaries and add romance and intimacy to a wedding, and sophistication and elegance to any business or corporate event. We create luminary and candle centerpieces and shade lighting décor for celebrations of all kinds. Helix Candles creates the most spectacular candle Luminary Wedding aisles that illuminates that very special occasion. From themed parties to sleek cocktail gatherings and big galas to small celebrations, Helix Candles will make your event light up with style. Read more.

Helix Candles/Luminaries for Spas and Hotels

The right candle lighting is essential for creating the comfortable and relaxed environment that customers expect in a hotel or spa. Our candle luminaries set the right tone, and our LED candle lighting options provide the same feeling as real candles without any of the worry over exposed candle flame. Let us custom-design candle,luminary lighting solutions suited to your space and colour scheme. Read more.

Helix Candles Luminaries for Interior Design and Staging

Add a touch of elegance to the interior and exterior areas of your home with Helix candle luminaries. The minimalist beauty of our luminary ilghting solution  is ideal for any room in your home, as well as fireplaces, patios, gazebos, and backyards. Our luminaries create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making them an excellent lighting choice when staging a home for sale. Read more.

Helix Candle Luminaries for Restaurants and Nightclubs

To succeed in generating “buzz,” a restaurant or nightclub needs the right atmosphere.  Helix Candles luminaries offer style and sophistication while enveloping a space in a soft and welcoming candle and luminary light that encourages customers to linger. What’s more, our LEDlighting options provide the glow of candlelight without sacrificing safety, an important consideration in busy spaces like restaurants and clubs. Read more.

Helix Candle Luminaries for Florists

Make your floral creations stand out from the competition. Now with our rentals add sophisticated candle and luminary lighting that enhances the beauty of your floral arrangements. Our candle luminaries can be lit in different colours to complement your floral designs. Read more.

Spiral Melt

Helix Candles is home to Spiral Melt candle packages, a patent-pending system that transforms from gift package to candle. No more wrapping paper to throw away! Environmentally-friendly Spiral Melt candle packaging simply melts away after the gift is received. Read more.

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